Copy of Sophia Barry's letter to Mrs Mary Hannah Bennett, 1895

When our grandfather married he went to live at Donemark, his wife was a Miss Justin from Kanturk; she was very well connected, a dear old lady and universally liked. All her grand children called her "Mama Dealy" not Grandmama". Her children (thirteen in number) were born in Donemark House. When Uncle Michael married a Miss Jane Kingston (some relative of your brother William's wife) they went to live at Dromkeal & lived there until all the family were grown up, married & scattered. When all our grandfather's family were established elsewhere they gave up housekeeping & spent the few remaining years of his life at Dromkeal House where he died. Mama Dealy came to us (Mrs Barry) until she died. I do not know who changed the mode of spelling Dealy, but think it was grandfather's brothers or rather some of them there were four. They said: "They were descended from Denis DALY of Dunsandle "who never knew shame or scandal." The Dunsandle family always sign Daly, so I do not know how or why it was altered.

Now as far as I know I have answered all the questions you have asked. It is your own fault if I have tired you. You asked me.

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