By Sophie Barry 1895

When our grandfather (James Dealy) was married, he went to live at Dunnamark House, near Bantry. She was a Miss Justice from Kanturk, co. Cork (See No.5 Betham's Will Abstracts).

She was very well connected, rather proud of her family, a dear old lady, universally liked. All her children, thirteen in number, were born in Dunnamark House, Bantry, co. of Cork.

When all our grandfather's family were established elsewhere, they gave up housekeeping and spent the few remaining years of his life at Droumkeal House, where he died. Mama Dealy came to live with my mother, Mrs Barry, until she died.

When Uncle Michael married a Miss Jane Kingston, some relative of your brother William's wife, they went to live at Droumkeal House, Bantry, and lived there until all his family were grown up, married and scattered. Their eldest son, William, married Elizabeth Kingston.

I do not know who changed the spelling of the name "Daly" to "Dealy", but I think it was grandfather and his brother Richard's family, rather some of them. They were four. They said: "They were descended from Richard, brother of Denis Daly of Dunsandle "who never knew shame or scandal." The Dunsandle family always spelled the name "Daly"

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