Dec. 13th/54

Dear Sir, or Madam,

Your letter reached me today from Montreux. I am the widow of Gen. John Anderson Dealy. I would like to help you but I am afraid I cannot be of much service to you. I enclose a copy of a letter (Notes on Dealy Family) My husband said his family originally Daly came from Galway and were, I believe, some distant connection of the Dunsandle family. The name Daly was changed to that of Dealy, I understand, during the Reformation when Catholics were being Martyred and not allowed to possess property etc. etc. Some of the Dalys remained Catholic and kept the name Daly.

(It looks like a line of the letter is missing here - cut off in the copying machine. It goes on "of Stourbridge, England) but have never heard that any of the Dealys came from England. My husband's father, Richard Dealy married a Miss Anderson. Her mother was an Usher, a sister, I believe, of Archbishop Usher. The Bennetts who lived in Cork are cousins of the Dealys. I often heard them speak of Jo. Bennett, he was a lawyer I believe. I am Irish on my mother's side and when in Cork this year I wanted to try and locate these Bennetts but found it difficult to know where to begin as unfortunately all my sisters-in-law who could have helped are now dead and my 2 nieces (by marriage) have lived so long out of Ireland that they can be of no help in the matter.

There is a Dealy family living in Nashville, Tenn. USA and they have corresponded with my daughter (Evelyn Board).

A midshipman Dealy discovered on a Polar Expedition an Island called after him Dealy Island. It was Admiral Parry's expedition about 1819.

Nearly all my husbands people are now dead otherwise I could have referred you to Edith Dealy who was very keen on everything connected with the family I came to live in England after my husband's death in Territet. If I can any way help you please write to me. I do not know your sex but I think from your writing you must be a lady. I hope this letter reaches you. I am yours truly.

Olive H. Dealy

Letter written December 13, 1954 from Olive H. Dealy to Leslie Daley

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