Oct 27, 1950

Dear Sir

I trust the following facts I have copied from my family tree may be what you want: James Daly of Carrownekelly afterwards built & lived in Dunsandle. He married firstly Bridget daughter of 2nd Lord Anthony, who died without issue. He married secondly, Catherine, daughter of Sir Ralph Gore who afterwards became the Earl of Rosse. (Sir Ralph Gore, the father, was Chancellor of the Exchequer & Speaker of the House of Commons). By Catherine he had 6 sons & 2 daughters, Denis, Ralph, Peter, James, Richard, & St George, Elizabeth & Ellen,

Denis was Speaker of the Irish House of Commons - Grattan's Parliament. He married Lady Henrietta Maxwell, daughter of Earl of Farnham. He had 2 sons and 6 daughters. The eldest son James became the 1st Lord Dunsandle & Clarconnel & he had 5 sons & 2 daughters. The title of Dunsandle died out in 1907 on the death of the 3rd Baron & my father came into Dunsandle demesne & half the whole property then about 30,000 acres jointly with his elder brother who had turned R.C. My grandfather & my family all being Protestants. The only reference I can find to the Coughlan family is that Hyacinth Daly (who died 1782) son of a Denis Daly, a nephew of the Carrownekelly one, married the daughter and heiress of the MacCoughlan & had one son & one daughter, the Rt Honorable Denis Bowes who married Charlotte Pousonby & Mary who married Sir Skeffington Smith.

There has been a book published about 15 yrs ago by an American Professor called the History of the O'Dalys, but I have not got it out here. If you know of any affluent Dalys, (if there is such a person in these days) I have a very fine portrait of the Rt Hon Denis Daly speaker in Grattan's parliament & husband of Lady H. Maxwell, by Sir Joshua Reynolds. I want £10,000 for it. I am afraid I am also having to put up for sale my old home at Dunsandle it was built 1744. A sad wrench.

Yrs sincerely Bowes Daly

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